IndieWire: The 8 Best Web Series of 2018, From Rehab Drama to Queer Period Comedy

In a post-"High Maintenance" and "Insecure" media landscape, web series have graduated from cute side projects to an envelope-pushing medium.

Author: Jude Dry


In the age of peak TV, it can be overwhelming to even contemplate indulging in any more media content. On the other hand, with episodes clocking in at an average of eight minutes, a web series is a far less ominous commitment than anything else on your binge watching list. In a post “High Maintenance” and “Insecure” world, more and more creators are using the web to deliver inventive entertainment, and many filmmakers are using the medium to push beyond conventional narrative structures.

As the web series has grown from a cute little side project to a potential gateway to TV deals and Emmy nominations, the quality of the work has improved greatly.

Here are the best web series to come out in 2018.