If we all supported each other like the three sports bras did on the very blessed and endowed girl on the women's basketball team in high school, we'd all be a lot farther. Platonic, made it a point to feature and partner with black businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, movers and shakers, so that we can all rise together. When Issa Rae said she was "rooting for everyone black" we decided to make her rallying cry our mission. Below is a list of all of our supporters. Please make it a point to support them because they made it a point to support this vision.

Blackberry VineBrandon DeenerCees Cees ClosetChick-fil-A (Pasadena)CourtnieColdwayCurl GeneticsDoohicky CraftiqueGrindMatch ApparelJnJ Burger & BBQOFUUREPerry's JointQueenCentricReeseynemSky SportswearStuzo ClothingThe Lip BarThando'sVeronica's Kitchen

Thank You to Our Supporters

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