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New series highlights platonic friendships and how blurred lines can be difficult for everyone to handle.


Los Angeles, CA – As part of an effort to increase visibility and content of black creatives, Platonic will drop online Sunday, October 7. Featuring a cast and crew made predominately of African American creatives, the show is a refreshing take on black millennial friendship. Created by comedian Moni Oyedepo, this SAG New Media web series is a heart-warming story of two quirky, relatable friends.

“Platonic” delves into the universal conundrum of how people can maintain an intimate, sexually neutral friendship even though a mild attraction is forever present. As young adults, the blurry lines of friendship and relationship threatens and confuses not only the two in the friendship, but those around them as well. Directed by Winter Dunn (Jezebel), the show addresses black friendship in a way that pays slight homage to the 90s black comedies that created the voice of a generation. The 7-episode (37 min) comedy series also features more black talent including Chinedu Unaka (The Big Chop), Adriyan Rae (Atlanta) and Ego Nwodim (SNL).

The trailer and more information can be found via latonic’s FacebookTwitterInstagram and website.]

The series aims to increase awareness of other black creatives and entrepreneurs through this project. Platonic partnered with 21 different black owned businesses, restaurants, artists and creatives to make this possible. As the show rises, it aims to increase awareness and visibility of other hard-working black individuals as well.

“When Issa Rae said she was ‘rooting for everybody black’ at the Emmys in 2017, I wanted to make her statement my mission,” said Moni Oyedepo, creator and star of the series.

The series hosted a screening in Hollywood, CA on Sept 28 at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater that featured a ‘black business pot luck’. The show will make several radio and podcast appearances before its launch on Oct. 7th.

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Moni Oyedepo
(626) 788-3458